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My brother installed this self stick tile over concrete which had Henry 565 self leveling underlayment poored with Henry 564 floor pro primer. Also used Henry 430 commercial tile vct adhesive under the tile. We are having a little argument about the adhesive he used since I asked if him if it was the correct adhesive to begin with because that was not what the box store said to use with these tiles, which is the argument caused by the fact the tiles are not sticking correctly on the edges or corners. They are lifting up at the corners or edges. Not all but more than half. It's 18x18 and 12x12 tiles. The 12x12's seem to have the corners lifting up problem more than the 18x18's which the whole sides of some of the 18x18 are lifting up. He also used a slightly notched tool to apply the adhesive which I thought this adhesive was supposed to be applied smooth. I'm in Northeast Ohio where it is cold but the room is heated. We have extra heat in the room because he said it needs to warm up to dry the adhesive. He said he did allow it to dry. It's not so much that the tiles aren't sticking, it's the corners are lifting up. They usually break when trying to remove them because they're stuck everywhere else. He did use a 75# roller. I just want to know how to fix this mess? [/IMG]
Category: Flooring Post By: CURTIS CHAPMAN (Livonia, MI), 02/13/2019

I'm willing to bet there is a moisture problem. The vapor wants out and the seams and corners are the easiest route. Was there moisture tests taken before the install? I have the same problem only with commercial vct. I knew better than not to take tests and didn't. Shame on me for that one. Usually using vct adhesive is a back up to the peel n stick. Daris

- Dustin Darton (West Palm Beach, FL), 04/20/2019

a heat gun will make any vinyl tile lay down---be careful not to scorch them--it will do nothing for moisture in a slab though

- ANDY FITZGERALD (North Las Vegas, NV), 05/04/2019

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