Forum Title: Repairing Vinyl Near a doorway
Hey there! I am hoping to get some good direction for repairing my vinyl floor near my front door. The flooring is peeled and cracked at the doorway, (about 2 to 3 inches into the entryway) and some of the cracking has actually caused it to rip out small chunks. I was wondering how this would be repaired. I don't have any spare vinyl laying around the house, and the pattern isn't anything the stores in town have in stock. I'm a novice and have very little experience with flooring. Any ideas out there? Much appreciated
Category: Flooring Post By: ELSIE POWERS (Santa Clara, CA), 03/08/2019

Hard to see solutions without a photo. First thing that comes to mind is somehow extending, expanding, replacing or adding to the existing threshold in a manner that covers the failing vinyl. Other possibilities beyond total replacement involve some kind of border strip or detail with a matching or contrasting color/material------so it looks like it belongs there. A third possibility depending on whats there is just replacing a 3x3 section directly in front of the door with some kind of walk-off type material, again it has to look like it was planned and not a patch job. Curled vinyl can sometimes be re-glued back down but if it cracks off and there's missing pieces you're out of luck there. Is it too much to caulk or otherwise fill with some kind of matching putty/fill material?

- SHARON R (Seattle, WA), 05/15/2019

At this point it is pretty much gone. the vinyl has lost its resiliency. All you can try is some contact cement on both surfaces and a hair drier. See it it will lay down. Get it good and warmed up and force it down.

- ALBERT STEWART (Johns Creek, GA), 05/19/2019

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